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Friday, March 2, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dance

Tonight is the Daddy Daughter Dance at Northland Church and this is the 3rd year Clay has taken Lyla Grace. This event is etched in her mind as the best night of her life. She told me earlier this week "Mommy at the dance I get to eat junk and be with Daddy! I can't wait!" Part of the excitement during the week is picking out her special dress (this year my mom made 2 to pick from) and talking about how she is going to wear her hair. My cousins wife shared a picture on Facebook about a month ago where she had curled her daughters hair with Bantu knots. Well I googled it and found out how to make it happen :) It was so easy and her hair was in beautiful ringlets (for 2 days). Here it is before she went to bed.
Here is her hair after
 She was so excited to have curly hair!!!!
All of the dads and girls went to eat pizza before the dance.

 Lyla Grace dancing with her friends
 Three besties!!

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