The road you must take is not an easy one, but the Treasure is worth it!
God is the one who saves me. I trust him. I am not afraid. Isaiah 12:2

The Rein Family

Monday, January 17, 2011


So a few weeks ago when my mom was in town we rearranged a few things around the house...hung some pictures and put one of my pottery vases on top of our entertainment center.
Today was a crazy day. Lyla Grace and Tate were playing on the floor in the living room and Lyla Grace started opening and closing one of the cabinet doors on the entertainment center. Lets just say she wasn't doing it very gently. All of a sudden I heard a loud crashing sound followed by the loudest scream to possibly come out of a 3 year olds mouth. I looked over my shoulder and the really heavy clay vase that had been placed on top of the entertainment center had fallen (slamming the cabinet door was probably the cause) on Lyla's head.  I tried to keep my cool while she was inconsolable, Tate was hysterical (from the loud crash and screaming 3 year old) and glass was everywhere. Blood everywhere and not really knowing how to handle the situation so I called Clay at work and he rushed home to take Lyla to the doctor. She only needed 1 staple and I'm so glad I was not there to witness it. He said she was really brave and only cried for a second.

Mason's 100th day of school

Today was Mason's 100th day of school at TFA.  Of course I procrastinated on his costume but it turned out pretty good. He felt comfortable wearing it so that is what counts right? I sprayed hair spray in his hair and sprinkled baby powder in it to make it look gray. Not that I saw the other kids in his class but I'm sure he was the cutest :)  

Saturday, January 15, 2011

So cool!!

We were walking around Lake Baldwin today and Mason spotted a bald eagle in a nest. We stopped and watched it for a while...very fascinating. Mason LOVES wild animals and can tell you facts about all different kinds. The eagle is at the top of his list since we love Auburn and one of the mascots is an eagle.