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Thursday, February 16, 2012

So fun

Over the past couple weeks I have been able to go on 2 field trips with my kiddos :) I know this doesn't seem like a big deal but to this momma who has felt like I have missed out on my kids school life lately it is a very big deal!!
I went with Mason's class to the Orlando Science Center and had so much fun getting to know his little friends.
 Mason got so excited touching the snake that he almost walked off with it...until the lady used her stern I don't think so voice. The funniest part about it was that he was shocked she wouldn't let him actually carry it around.

 This week I went to Green Meadows farm with Lyla Grace's class.
 I was so surprised to see how much she loved the animals. She is usually such a girly girl and doesn't really like to get dirty. She was running around catching ducks, chickens and bunnies.
 Lyla Grace and her sweet friend holding a baby duck.
 Milking a cow
After working part time last Fall I am so appreciative of the time I do get to spend with my kiddos. Thankful God was able to teach me the lesson that every moment spent with them is a gift!!!!

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